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n0 Gun Releases Collaborative EP Benefiting Planned Parenthood Of The Rockies!

Not too long ago in Salt Lake City, UT, there was a band called n0 Gun. Comprised of Eric Bliss (formerly of SLN alum Mako1972), Ben Dodd and Mike DiTullio, the band played a scorching style of post-hardcore. Their sound was informed by their natural chemistry as well as their past projects, which include Form of Rocket, I Am Electric, Lavinia, Cannons and Accidente. When n0 Gun ended their four-year run, they had just recorded a five song EP, with four of the songs missing vocals. As they began to think about how this labor of love could become complete, Roe v. Wade was struck down. To support a woman’s right to choose, the band decided to finish the recordings with various vocalists from across the US and turn it into a benefit release. The collection of songs became the “EP For Women’s Bodily Autonomy” and it’s out right now! You can obtain the digital-only EP via our WEB STORE or our BANDCAMP at the pay-what-you-want pricing structure, with all proceeds being donated to Planned Parenthood Of The Rocky Mountains. The “EP For Women’s Bodily Autonomy” features vocal contributions from Brooke Suffridge (of NC’s Alcantara), Matt Hall (of AL/TN’s New Brutalism), Peter Makowski (of UT’s Swarmer), Mike Guarrine (of IL’s Nude Model) and John “Chuck” Goshert (formerly of CA East Bay legends, Monsula), along with stunning cover art by Elena Gwyneth. The EP is also available on all streaming platforms, with any proceeds earned from streams also going to Planned Parenthood Of The Rocky Mountains. For more information on this project, please visit n0 Gun’s social media and bandcamp pages. This is truly a national effort. To all who can donate and/or contribute in other ways in support of women’s bodily autonomy and abortion access, we thank you!

Love, The Staff

Posted on October 6th, 2023