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Ape-ettes, The (The Ape-ettes)

Sudbury, ON, Canada (Active)

Emerging from the depths of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, The Ape-ettes came to be, like a tiny musical gem unearthed from a mining town, nestled within a massive crater. This garage-pop trio is comprised of long-time friends, Andrée on bass, Melanie on drums and Julie on guitar and vocals. Formed in the cozy confines of Andrée’s basement, these girls have the gift of pumping out infectious tunes with their spirited less-is-more approach. Their live performances inspire a contagious sense of fun and neighborliness, the kind where when you look around, everyone is smiling and dancing. Their first self-titled album came out in 2017 and charted for a long while on Canadian college radio. Now releasing a four song EP for the first time on vinyl, with Reta Records and Snappy Little Numbers, the Ape-ettes are beyond excited for what is to come!

The Ape-ettes "Simply" 7"

SLN-236. 90 7" EP's on clear with red & blue splatter vinyl / digital extended player, 130 7" EP's on sky blue vinyl / digital extended player. Co-release with Reta Records (Canada). Released 7/13/23.