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Denver, CO, USA (Active)

Tragicomedy in 2-3 minute bursts. Hooper continues to fiddle with the combinations of racket and melodies, power and hooks. Hooper is a power-trio that likes some pop in their punkish rock 'n' roll. If it were the 90's, they might even be called "College Rock". Let's just say the guitar rips, the bass thumps, the drums bang and you can whoa-oh the day away during repeated listens.

Hooper "Swim The Races Nobody Wants" LP

SLN-251. 120 12" LP's on classic black vinyl with deluxe fold-out insert / digital long player. Released 11/9/23.

SPELLS & Hooper "Rock N Roll Swap Meet: Day 1" 7"

SLN-187/SWAP-001. 80 limited edition 7" EP's on hot pink vinyl with a bonus hand numbered transparent insert / digital extended player. 220 standard edition 7" EP's on hot pink vinyl / digital extended player. Released 8/13/21.

Hooper "No Monument" LP

SLN-129. 200 12" LP's on black vinyl, download code included. Released 1/6/18.

Hooper "The Shallows b/w 100 Acre Slingshot" 7"

SLN-104. 300 7"s on randomly mixed color vinyl, download code included. Released 12/16/11. Out Of Print.

Hooper "Goodnight Maurice b/w Big Guy, Big Day" Cassette (HDBC)

SLN-165/HDBC-002. Hand Dubbed Buddies Club custom cassettes (Gold Mail Order Editions or Gray Open Editions). Only available directly from SLN or the artist. Download code included. Released 8/2/19. Out Of Print. This was the second installment in the 2019 Hand Dubbed Buddies Club: made to order custom cassettes, hand dubbed and numbered with a personal note from SLN and/or the artist.

Hooper/SPELLS "Split" Cassingle

SLN-126. 100 light pink cassette tapes, 100 yellow cassette tapes, download code included. Released 5/20/16. Out Of Print.

Hooper "How To Become A Ghost" LP

SLN-110. 300 12" LP's on 150g black vinyl, download code included. Released 11/1/13. Out Of Print.